StorySmack Episode #72

It’s a chat about TOP GUN on the movie’s 35th anniversary. The FDØ and ARealGirl are joined by Rob Otto, 2nd place finisher of the 1987 Top Gun class (the trophy is in the restroom), to discuss this cheesalicious classic that entrenched Tom Cruise as a box office powerhouse.″

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  1. Angela Benford

    being the same age as this glorious group – I too was a HUGE fan of this movie. But no mention of Michael Ironside??!! Man how I loved him. And also, that beautiful silhouetted love scene? the reason it was in there at all is early screenings people wanted that scene, and the reason its in silhouette, Kelly had already changed her hair for another movie – so the answer was to make it dark. Thanks for covering this wonderful 80’s movie!!

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