Yolanda, Whykor and Miriam narrowly escaped an assassination attempt, and all it took was running out onto the middle of the field during a game between the To Pirates and the OS1 Orbiting death while thousands of fans in the stands and billions watching across the galaxy looked on. But now the trio find themselves on the mean streets of Madderch while they’re still the target of at least one crime lord. Where can they possibly go to find safety?

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  1. Eleazar "El Cas" Castellanos

    Loving the story so far. Just an FYI, Tarat “The Smasher” sounded human at 07:50

    “Yolanda, if you would like at my study, I can show you my broadcasting awards.”
    He didn’t have any awards. He wanted to speak privately.
    “Sure Tarat, lead the way”

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