Star reporter Yolanda Davenport has been tasked by GFL Commissioner Rob Froese to get the real story behind the murder of Grace McDermot. Krakens runningback Ju Tweedy was accused of that murder, an event that almost got him killed by Orbiting Death owner and crimelord Anna Villani, and led to Ju joining the Ionath Krakens. In just her first few hours on the case, Yolanda has already been threatened by Quyth Warrior Marik the Covetous, who may be connected to Krakens owner Gredok the Splithead. Why would Gredok get in the way of finding out the truth about McDermot’s murder, and Ju’s possible guilt?

I also take a moment to thank all of you Junkies for being such steady fans and helping me do what I love for a living. You guys rock.

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