THE MVP hardcover unboxing

Sha-ka-paaoww! Book IV of the GFL series is almost loaded into the power-canons and ready to fire across the globe. The book missiles will strike you in the face!

What? You haven’t pre-ordered your copy of THE MVP yet? Don’t come a-cryin’ to me in October that you didn’t get one, because you have been duly warned that this is the biggest pre-order yet. Click here to get yours.

Click here to download the video.

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  1. The_13_Skulls

    Can….Not….Wait….FDØ you are the best….

    I hate to see that you will not be coming to Dallas for the MVP tailgate tour….You will be infinitely missed….

  2. steffiebaby140

    Oh, my, GFL *strokes screen*  I want, I must have, I *drool* whoops!  Now, FDO, either I’m still in unboxing thrall or those dates are mixed up.  First, it said shipping next week…then at the end, shipping the first week of September.  But….there is still 2 full weeks of August….ugh, I don’t care, I just want!

  3. Kurt_eh

    I’m just pages away from finishing Season 1 of Game of Thrones.

    Was going to start on Book 2, but with MVP shipping next weekish (cross-border transport takes longer), George RR Who?

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