THE MVP Episode #6

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The Krakens again face the unknown: what new threat is going to come through the landing bay doors? Virak the Mean puts his military experience to work as Quentin and his teammates prepare to fight for their lives.

Strigoaie The Romanian Witch podcast novel, by Mark Vale

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  1. TheManiacWoodpecker


    since you talked about “Pandemic” being of a global scale. I was wondering if you could still need any information about other countries governments/military/social life e.g.

    Since i am from the Federal Republic of good old Germany (and being a former politics student and reservist in the army) i thought maybe i/we could provide you with further/more detailled information if you like…

    And i want more of Kissyman btw

  2. KellyTheBuilder

    At one point, Bumberpuff’s voice doesn’t get the special vocal effects. He has the right speech pattern, but the vocoder effect or whatever it is is missing. 

  3. BigJohn

    Favorite Junkie name of the week: hertzwhenip. Read by Scott as “hurtz-wenn-ipp” in the shoutouts. It’s a clever way of saying “Hurts When I Pee.”

    For the record, nothing hurts when I pee. Laughing

  4. TheManiacWoodpecker

    Yeah i deserved that FDO slap i think 😉 I fell humble now oh Master.

    A quick Wikipedia read enlightened me, to what your system of measurement is called (US customary unit) and why you haven’t adopted the metric system already (always the money…).

    Sometimes its really hard for us Europeans to do the calculations with a system we are not used to.

  5. scottsigler

    @EUrOtrAsh: Yep, we caught that error and fixed it for the paperback and the eBook, but we missed it for the hardcover. Since we read from the final hardcover manuscript for the audiobook, we missed it there as well.

  6. GreyFox

    I’ve been thinking this ever sence the Prawatt have been mention in the GFL series and now I feel like my suspicions are beginning to be confirmed. I think that the Prawatt are either are the same Alien race seen in the books infects and pandemic or are some how related to them. Just wondering if any one else has made this connection or maybe im just CRAZY.

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