THE MVP Episode #5

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I can’t tell you what happens in this episode without spoilering the spoiler of the last episode. Needless to say, Krakens are in dire straits. Quentin and his friens wake up into a new nightmare …

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  1. doug_rierdan

    Am I the only one who caught the Homage to ALIENS?


    “They aint paying us enough for this”


    Half the dialog was stolen (borrowed) from ALIENS



    I was just waiting for Quentin to say “You know the drill… Assholes and Elbows!”

  2. SethsuncleStu

    It is not often that I find myself saying out loud to myself, “Damn, Sigler is the best, awesome!”  after finishing listening to this episode.  The voice characterizations of Doc Patah, and just everyone in the cast is so off the charts! I just can’t wait for the next episode, may just have to buy the whole audio.   I am pretty sure I will never read a book again, there is no way print can do justice to the great audio sounds that Scott produces – especially in the GFL series.   Long live Sigler! 

    I can procrastinate no more, I am now registered as an official junky.

    Thanks for the incredible work Scott and keep it coming!

  3. Sardonic

    A book will be around longer than any of the ebook file formats.  I can read my kids the books I read as a kid, but I can’t access the twisted poems I was forced to write in Jr. high school that are save on a disk. (I was forced to write the poems, I made them twisted and perverted to piss my english teacher off.)

  4. scottsigler

    First, glad to see you’re back in the comments, we missed you. Second, DAMN YOUR EYES! Yes, there’s some bleed-over there. It’s because I am so awesome at female voice. 

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