THE MVP Episode #36

Game On by Lazarus, a GFL picture brought to you by the Moosejaw coupon page at here to download
THE MVP Episode #36

Football/scifi fans, you have suffered through several cliff-hangery moments, but in this episode we finish the Galaxy Bowl XXVII. Either your Ionath Krakens or the Jupiter Jacks will walk away as champions.

In the last episode, Quentin Barnes wants to win so bad, he had Doc Patah cut off his ravaged pinkie so he could finish the game. Everyone is hurt, the wind is ripping, and the snow-covered field is drenched in blood as the Krakens ready themselves for the game’s final drive. Down by five, they need a touchdown to win.

Will Quentin & Co. culminate four seasons of pain and sacrifice with a title, or will they have to suffer the loss and prepare for next year in GFL Book V?

Wanna see an awesome picture? Click on the image at left to see work by Lazarus. It’s Ionath vs. the Orbiting death, but it’s so cool it fits for the title game.

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  1. ARealGirl

    Hiya Baka!

    Dood, I had to break up your OHMYGOODNESSONEGIGANTICWORD celebratory post because it was mucking up the comment management on the back end.  I hated to do it, but I think we hate the spammers more, and I had to.  I beg mercy for messing with your holy celebration!


  2. Artificial_Selection

    HAHAHA!  I just left a message on the gore line and forgot to say it was from me! I’m so damned worked up over this win, Scott!!  You bald, glorious bastard!  I thought you were going to snatch victory from me and my Krakens!  I knew you would at least three times during the episode!  I was on the edge of my seat — I was certain you were getting ready to break my heart — down to the very last moment when Tara the Freak held onto the ball and made my heart sing!  I could kiss you!!!  GO KRAKENS!!!!!

  3. Artificial_Selection



  4. ratman19

    I love GFL art work. It is always interesting to see if my mind’s interpretation matches that of others. (Is my previous statement grammatically correct?)

  5. scottsigler

    @taylorconnie: Howdy and welcome. We have a habit of doing that around here, and by “that” I mean helping people through tough days. Sometimes a good story is just the thing you need to take your thoughts to a different place, give your brain a break and basically let your mind “reboot.”

    Enjoy your second listen!

  6. JZ
    Aha! I got your number mister ! Pre episode 35: “I bet dat bast… is going to end the episode on a cliffhanger, rrrrrrrr.”


    So I went cold turkey and waited A Whole Week until episode 36 was safely downloaded. And the result: episodes 35/36 back to back and eternal bliss.


    Btw. Agree w. the other junkies: I read the book and knew the plot – and still the weekly (by-weekly, ha!) episodes are a total blast 🙂
  7. taylorconnie

    Just spent 2  to 3 weeks listening to the rookie…the starter…the all pro and the MVP….got me thru some tough days….while I’m waiting for the last 2 eps of the MVP I thought I would start again….it’s interesting to listen to them again knowing a smidge more of football and knowing the characters so well…

  8. scottsigler

    @TheManiacWoodpecker: There are going to be seven GFL novels.

    And, I can make no promises as to what John will or will not do. He’s not happy. 

  9. Dr-D

    Know why I love your books so much? A person with spoiler tendencies cannot ruin them. I have been listening to the MVP podcast, as I couldn’t afford to buy the audiobook. Someone else bought the audiobook though and when they found out I was a fan,  they said “wasn’t it great at the end how…” Anyway, so I’ve known how the book ends since before the Prawatt joined the team, but I still listened to this episode thinking, are they gonna do it? Is he gonna make it? Did he HOLD ON TO THE BALL?!? I also know what happens in the last episodes thanks to my not friend. I can’t wait to hear it myself.

  10. TheManiacWoodpecker

    Well, guess i was wrong about the Krakens not winning. But i can live with that 🙂

    Go Krakens!!!

    Great job FDO!

    Now i wonder what happens next. Please dont let John hurt/kill Quentin because of the whole Becca affair. Just hook him up with Somalia and let them all be happy.


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