THE MVP Episode #35

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We’re in the thick of the Galaxy bowl, and that beautiful trophy is up for grabs. The Jupiter Jacks hold a slim lead on the Ionath Krakens.

Quentin faces his biggest challenge yet, and must draw from his inner warrior to show unparalleled toughness. Becca “The Wrecka” Montagne steps in for late-game heroics, while the will of Yhitzak Goldman’s is put to the test.

After this, there are only three episodes left! Then, no new GFL for you until Book V hits in September, 2014.

And if you think Jacks quarterback Don Pine is going to go quietly into that goodnight, think again …

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  1. TheManiacWoodpecker

    Okay so i was wrong, but thats fine with me: GO KRAKENS!!!

    By the way, what does Xur stand for? “We shall see, Xur … we shall see. “

    Being from Germany and all, your american abbreviations are sometimes hard to guess 😉


  2. TheManiacWoodpecker

    I really hope that the Orange and the Black win the GFL Title. But somehow i doubt it will happen in the MWP. On the other hand if they win the CoQB will get such a push that you could easily build a whole storyline around that. You dropped hints left and right that we are going somewhere there Scott, weren’t you? 🙂


    Can’t wait for more…

    Keep up the good work and all the best

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