THE MVP Episode #34

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The Galaxy Bowl is heating up! It’s Quentin and the Krakens vs. Don Pine and the Jupiter Jacks. Injuries have started to take their toll on both teams, and the gridiron runs red (and purple, and black) with blood.

After this, there are only four episodes left! Then, no new GFL for you until Book V hits in September, 2014.

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  1. Danish_Mom

    I thought it might be some sort of sign that Quentin was really rattled by the many blows and the adrenalin of the whole situation spilling into his internal monolog as the effects – but I guess I was being way too charitable. 


    By the way – the joined intro with Mur got me to finally buy some of your stuff off Amazon (and her book too off course) – but ain’t that just the way .. being a fan for ever – found the both of you on podiobooks – listened to it all .. and now – finally – I bought the books through the retail sites to boost your value in the eyes of the publishers. 


    Looking forward to the next junkie fix!!

  2. JC_Hutchins_Fan

    Perry Dawsey woke, covered in blood.  He groaned, “I’ve GOT to stop doing this. And why am I dreaming about aliens playing football?”

    The triangles woke, “FEEEEEEEEDDDDD USSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!”

  3. scottsigler

    We are working to correct those problems. The master file for this episode (from the audiobook) also has the errors. We’ll fix that first, correct the downloadable audiobook, then right after that fix the podcast episode and re-upload. 

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