THE MVP Episode #30

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To Pirates logo, brought to you by the 4InkJets coupon page at final game of the season against the To Pirates gives the Krakens an outside chance at making the playoffs. Can Quentin survive the saftey blitz of Ciudad Juarez, the leage’s second-most lethal player of all time? Or will Ciudad send Barnes to “the gridiron of the immortals?”

This isn’t really a “promo” as much as it is straight-up pimpage. Seth’s book is out on May 7, published by Amazon. That’s right, a free podcast novel is being published by the publishing industry’s game-changer. At the end of this episode, I babble about what this means to indie publishing!

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  1. jokerdas


    Loving the story!!! Thank you for violating my ears every week!

    A couple things about this episode…

    At 15:31 Hokor’s voice effects were off. 

    Texas Earthling’s owner is Kate Bailey. Which sounded like Kay Bailey… as in Kay Bailey Hutchison, former Texas Senator.  And I thought, “Holy Crap!! Is Senator Hutchison a junkie and thus became a character in FDO’s book?” It would seem to fit to own Texas Earthlings. I actually had to break the spine on my hardcover to look up the name.  Kate not Kay. Made me laugh anyway. Thought it would have been cool.

    Third, when talking about publishing… you mentioned all the publicity Joe Hill recieved for Heart-Shaped Box… could have something to do with the fact that Stephen King (Midas) is his dad. 

    And to Seth_Harwood – This is the second time you are generously giving your non-free stuff away!  Awesome of you too!! I dig your work to! Wish you best of luck on joining with Amazon!

  2. Seth_Harwood


    Thanks for the plugs, homie. Yep, that’s pretty much my story, warts and all. I gets knocked down, I get up again. Chumbawumba got nothing on me!

    But seriously, I did Random House, Tyrus Books, my own stuff and now I’m with Thomas & Mercer. Couldn’t be happier! So follow along with the book’s progress as I post new info at this week and next, track its bestseller status on Amazon and come along for the ride. If you haven’t listened to IN BROAD DAYLIGHT yet, give it a shot at Podiobooks or my own site. We rock together and we roll.

    I’m happy to be a part of this week’s MVP podcast. 

    Thanks again.

    Your boy,

    Seth “Palms Daddy” Harwood

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