THE MVP Episode #3

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GAME ON!!!! Quentin and the Krakens square off against the Prawatt in “the game,” a hard-hitting, lethal contest that has it roots all the way back to Old Earth (can you say “meta,” people?).

If the Krakens win, they go free. If they lose, say bye-bye-bye to their Sklorno teammates. The Sklorno and Prawatt species have been in various states of war for hundreds of years; don’t expect them to start being nice to each other now.

CONmen podcast – the podcast for the convention-going crowd.

Dear die-hard Republicans and die-hard Democrats: I hate you all.

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  1. ojak

    Great Rant, is there any where that has good politicians? the ones here in Oz just go on about how the others are so bad. 

    Anyway great Episode. Can I ask: Do you like Harry Potter? I have to ask as the Game is like Quidditch with out the Broomsticks and The Golden Snitch. It has the Quaffle and the 2 Bludgers. 
    The FDO likes Harry Potter, can this be right? and yes I know I know about Potter. 
  2. ChicagoMike

    Nice rant this week, Scott. Of course, if you’re voting in California, you might as well write-in Big Bird for president, since your vote isn’t going to matter.

    Also, “The Game” is living up to its billing so far. Sounds kind of like a cross between rugby and quidditch.

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