THE MVP Episode #29

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The Krakens take on rival Wabash in a battle of playoff hopefuls. A victory gives Ionath a winning record; can they get the win? And off the field, John Tweedy’s rage spills out into Ionath City’s club district and puts the entire season at risk.

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  1. scottsigler

    @RebeccaBlu and @waista: Hmmm … I think the inclusion of multiple genders has caused some confusion. John doesn’t care if his foe is a man or a woman: he’s going to knock them out just the same. He saw the running back, imagined the running back was Quentin, and hit that running back as hard as he could, hit her the way he wanted to hit Quentin. It doesn’t matter that the running back was a HeavyG woman, although for sure I see how this is confusion seeing that Rebecca is a HeagyG woman.

    John is an equal opportunity destroyer.

    Does that clear up the confusion?

  2. RebeccaBlu

    Yes, please clarify about Jon killing the heavy G woman in the actual game, but then telling Q while in jail that he pictured him as he was doing it.  Confused a little… I’m blonde, so it happens a lot…

    Fantabulous episode, though…poor Jon! 🙁  Beebeecheebee grosses me out – bleck!

  3. waista

    oops, fuk. Anyway… I though John killed a heavy G woman. Also while I’m here, we never really had any resolution on Tara the Freak and the other warriors, unless I missed it. Which is entirely possible. What’s up with that handsome devil.

  4. Dr-D

    I was thinking the same thing. gonna re-listen. Also thought the player John killed was a woman, but in this one, they say “he.” It’s a good thing confusion is a normal state for me.

  5. MarkinStLouis

    Maybe I misheard something, but I was wondering how Barnes passed to Ju in the second half if Ju broke his leg in the second quarter? Playing through the pain? 

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