THE MVP Episode #28

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Quentin learns of a love triangle between John Tweedy, Rebecca Montagne, and a mystery person. The Krakens struggle to keep their playoff hopes alive as we head into the final three games of the season. It’s not over yet, folks, can Ionath put together a late-season run and take a shot at the title?

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  1. scottsigler

    @Kendingo: Thanks! As always, I’m thrilled you liked it.

    I’m starting to work more with scenes and plot-threads that involve abiguity as to what character you should root for. I want to say “moral ambiguity,” but I’m not sure that’s the exact definition. What I mean by it are those scenes where you feel pulled toward both characters, wanting them to be happy and have resolution for the incident, but knowing that only one — or possibly neither — can be happy with any of the available choices. When I watch TV, movies and read, it’s those moments that make my chest hurt, have me staring at the screen dumbfounded as to what will happen next (or, in the case of, say, MAD MEN, whispering “come on, don’t be who you are, do the right thing instead” while knowing the character will follow his/her normal, self-destructive pattern).” 

    That’s how the Becca/John/Quentin threat turned out. Everyone is in the right: there is no wrong behavior in any of this, just some things that were not said at the right time. I feel for all of the characters involved, and hopefully you do as well. 


  2. Kendingo

    Great Episode,

    I never made the link when reading the ebook that the player killed in this episode was a female heavy-G player. I can only imagine what John said to Becca when she tried to console him. Maybe something along the lines that I was imagining she was you.

    Scott you always have these painful real moments in your stories, I appreciate that you have the nerve to go there and do it well.

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