THE MVP Episode #27

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With Quentin at quarterback, the Krakens have never beat the Coranadillan Cloud Killers, led by their dominant defensive end Jesper Schultz. Will this be the year for Ionath? It’s a must-win game if the Krakens are to stay in the playoff hunt.

Off the field, a game-changing personal event forces Quentin to re-evaluate his life decisions.

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  1. scottsigler

    @Warren (and everyone else). The content is correct, I believe. It covers pages 383 to 399 of THE MVP hardcover. There are actually two games in this episode: one against the Cloud Killers, and a second against the Themala Dreadnaughts. The Themala game is represented only as the post-game press conference (there is no on-field action).

    I did, however, much up the Krakens’ record at the end. After the Themala win, they are 4-5, not 3-5. 

  2. TheManiacWoodpecker

    Ohhh noes Smoochies incoming.

    Becca and Quentin = there is trouble brewing.

    R.I.P. Goreline and JunkieShoutout, damn those Spammers… to the nine hells of Siglerism with em!

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