THE MVP Episode #25

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The racism between the Prawatt and the Sklorno reaches critical levels. Quentin, John and Ju bring in an expert disciplinarian to solve the problem once and for all. The episode exemplifies the meritocracy of sport as the Krakens square off against the Shorah Warlords.

If you’ve heard this content before, we mistakenly put it in Episode 23. We have to get it in the right place in the story, so our apologies you’re hearing it again. Did you hear Episode 23 (corrected) which featured the Krakens against the Elite?

PROMO IN THIS EPISODE: What’s With the Drama?
A podcast about those questions you ask every day, with DJ and Karly.

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  1. dcmacnut

    Man. I’m finally call caught up on All-Pro and MVP, and now I have to wait until Sunday with the rest of you miserable Earthlings. The horror!

  2. JC_Hutchins_Fan

    Hey Jamie,  this is not the first time that Scott has skipped a game.  To me it just seemed that the narration did skip the game, but it was intentional, as the focus seemed to be more on Quentin dealing with all the post game responsibilities.

  3. JamieMaclellan

    Is it just me or are we still missing something? Let me sum this up (Caution: This will contain spoilers!!!!)

    Episode 22: John gives the Prawatt a “pep talk”, Krakens win against OS1, The touchback heads to Buddha City.

    Episode 23 (corrected): Krakens disembark to a crowd of racists, the Elite beat the Krakens.

    Episode 24: Locker room brawl, Quentin sees his sister again.

    Episode 25: Ma Tweedy does her thing and then… Quentin relishes his win against the Warlords? What’s going on here? When was the game against the warlords?

  4. Bertrum

    Hi A, I wasn’t complaining (well I sort of was!), I already have the hardcover & ebooks.  I was hoping to get a couple of copies for my local library & daughters’ school, to spread the Sigler stank.  I will have to wait until i have some more spare cash before introducing our locals to the way of the FDO!

  5. ARealGirl

    Bertrum, we know shipping is a disaster. It’s killing us that we haven’t found a better solution (read: less expensive) since the US Post raised prices in January.

    Without Amazon’s ability to ship by freight (we’re way too small for that) we have limited options. But I keep searching!

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