THE MVP Episode #24

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Okay, we’re trying to get back on track after the debacle of last week’s Episode #23, where we put in the wrong audiobook content. So, no teasers this time, just enjoy.

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  1. scottsigler


    1. Will probably wait for it on streaming or DVD. 

    2. Not yet, Biz-Nass is in full effect in the series. We’ll see if we sell it to a network.

    3. So far, no. The trick will be to find the right actor.

  2. Trepan

    Hey Scott, sorry to do this to you bro but I have burning questions!!!


    1) Looking forward to reviewing Evil Dead remake?

    2) Did you have to restrict or reduce/eliminate Mr. Biznas for the TV series?

    3) Did you have to rename ‘black Mr. Burns’ for the TV series?


    Thanks man.  One of the things I like most about you is you actually respond to questions and tweets from your readers.  You aren’t afraid to get down and dirty with the unwashed masses!

  3. scottsigler

    We’ve gone over the Feedburner 512k limit on RSS file size. That stops it from updating to y’all’s podcatchers (including iTunes). We’re working on it now. I can’t figure out why our RSS file size jumped up to 551.6.

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