THE MVP Episode #21

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As the season collapses and the Krakens face relegation, Quentin refuses to compromise and stands by the players that he brought in. Does Quentin overplay his hand when he tries to trade Don Pine for a former Kraken?

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  1. Seth_Harwood

    Murle, Jokerdas and BigJohn: you’re in! And drawing is now extended to Monday! 

    Plus, Thomas & Mercer will have free ebooks for all of you who don’t win hard copies! How’s about THAT?

    Also: Hey, have you guys gone over and “LIKED” the amazon pages?


  2. BigJohn

    I’d like to throw my name into the hat for free books, because when was a wee babe, I wish I had a cool father who gave away books he wrote. But alas, I didn’t, so this is how I have to live my life now.

    P.S. Ok, none of that is true. It’s just me being shameless, which I’m told I’m pretty good at, if that counts at all.

  3. jokerdas

    Hello Scott!  The story is shaping up FAN-FRICKING-TASTIC!!  So glad I have the hardcover and do not have to wait on the edge of my seat to find out what happens next! But so enjoy the podcast!

    Hey Seth!

    Please consider me in the contest to win the set!  Scott says to let you know how badly I want them… HMMMM…. I would let my left eye get infected with triangular spores (not both, because then I could not read the book), and hatch out on live television while holding a pair of chicken scissors to my… well, um… you get the point. I really REALLY want the books, please.  

  4. murle_the_girl

    Hey Seth,

    I’m getting to this late in the week (for me, at least, I usually listen to casts the day they drop if at all possible), but I’m recovering from walking pneumonia, so I have an excuse.  I would love to win copies of some of your books, not just because I am a fairly new fan who would love to be exposed to more of your work (I’ve only listened to In Broad Daylight thus far), but also because I want to share with my bestest-best bud who lives next door and was the one to introduce me to your work.  Keep up the great writing!

    Oh, I almost forgot to add that I’ve got Harwoods in my family tree 🙂

  5. Seth_Harwood


    You dug YJ? Yah! Then you’re a brother to me! Drop a review on Amazon if you have a min, will you? 

    And I’ll definitely get you entered! Want to keep you a fan, especially with a name like that!


  6. Seth_Harwood

    Hey Amiko,

    Yeah, maybe you DID suggest that. But me change? Nah, not something as cool as the chance to use the word Makarov in my writing! I looked at the CZ for a while and ended up sticking with the AK-47 and the AK-74. Just my own damn fault, really.

    Definitely entering you in the drawing! Thanks for being a podcast fan!


  7. Seth_Harwood


    Hurdy gur, my man! Where you been? You get my latest missive from Hope to help you win a copy! You Definitely a part of the original Palms Family! So don’t be a stranger, heard?

    Yer boy,


  8. Seth_Harwood


    My man! Yeah, jump on board with Jack Wakes Up or Young Junius! Either is a great place to start and YJ just hit the kindle store for cheap, so why not give it a try. You’ll even see our favorite bald overlord with a geeked out cameo in one of the chapters as he buys drugs, drops his pants and… 

    I’ll let you find out the rest. Keep me posted!


  9. freakopedia


    Young J and This Is Life hitting the pages again? Well DAAAAAAMMMMNNNN! You go boy! Your getting some double wammies this year with the birth of your first child and now this deal. I know I as well as many of us long time junkies are always behind ya and supporting you any way we can. Much love to ya brotha.

    Your fan and your boy,


  10. Seth_Harwood


    Thanks for the comments here and thanks to Scott for pimping the releases of THIS IS LIFE and Young Junius. Please check em out over at Amazon and drop a “like” on em or something like that. If you’ve listened, please review. Many thanks! Ya know?

    I’ll be drawing winners for free print copies later this week, on friday, over at Stay tuned!

    Your boy,


  11. Seth_Harwood


    Consider yourself ENTERED!! You’re at the top of the list. I’ll let readers know who wins this Friday, so stay tuned! Look to my site for the announce!

    Many thanks for listening and helping us podcasters take over the world!


  12. jeepyster

    I would love to add Seth’s books to my Sigler collection! I already converted my wife into a junkie, and have no doubt in my mind that Young Junius would burn into her soul like it did for me! Keep up the great work FDO and Seth! Junkie for life!

  13. Amiko


    Story is shaping up nicely, thank you. Right after Don refused the cornerback trade (with Mars) I thought that Q might threaten to rat Don out to Gredock to force the trade. That didn’t happen.



    Hi, if you could spare a copy I would love to have one.

    But more importantly … as I am to blame for suggesting switching Czeck ex-KGB agents’ weapons from soviet Makarovs to Czecks’ own CZ …  What are your thoughts about it in hindsight? Did it work out for you?

    Keep up the good work … and … Congratulations!!!

  14. Old Man Parker


    I though you, like me, were a whip thin sninew and muscle 145 lbs of creative artistic near corspe like terror! You… your … F… FA… FAT? I have not seen those photos. Your hyper energy hyper anxousness, and hyper perfection seeking I thought would be enough to keep you up all hours starving at the type-ing maching thing hammering out the next classic sci-fi horror noir tale that makes life bearable, instead of the unending f-over after f-over after super-mega f-over that life actually is. You are the only thing string that I grop that keeps me from falling into the pit of darkness. If you get f-f-fat, you could croak of an early heart attack, or chock on a Popeye’s chicken Mcbigbutt or something. then who would write all the sci-fi horror noir classic tales? so… glad to hear you are down to your lean mean creative fighting machine weifght again~ keep up the good work. I know it gets harder to go to the gym the older you get. Man, I just about killed myslef doing what uswed to be a mild “warm up” back when I was in my 20’s, the other day. Slow and easy… good luck. And, I hate foot ball. I hate-hate it hate-hate it hate-hate it! But your writing is so good… I love your MVP stories. keep it up. 


  15. Junkie_Jen

    Sorry Scott, this comment is for Seth. Don’t get too mad, You told us to do it!

    I love all you and Scott do!!! You guys know that!

    I work with tons of people, I mean thousands… Just leaving the books on my desk, during and after I read, it is a great way for spreading that word-of-mouth kind of advertising… “Hey Jen what is that book about?”…just saying! Even if I dont win the books, Thanks a whole lot for sharing all of your stories with us!


  16. marklberry


    You are probably reading this in the middle of the night diuring an o-dark-hundred feeding. Congrats again on fatherhood. I loved Jack Wakes Up, This Is Life, CZECH Mate (notice the all caps), and A Long Way From Disney. As much as I’d love and welcome your free print copies, I think they should go to Junkies who are not yet Palms Daddies so you can further expand your readership and listenrship. Congrats also on your deal with Thomas and Mercer. You ill be missed this year at AWP. Leavin’ for Beantown in a few days.

    Cheers, Mark L Berry

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