THE MVP Episode #20

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Bumberpuff and his crew are integrating into the Krakens, at least as best as they can. But can the Prawatt and the Sklorno get past years of confrontation to work together on the field?

SNIPE: An episode of Christof Laputka’s Leviathan Chronicles written by Mur Lafferty.

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  1. Old Man Parker


    Jeepers Creepers! What the…? So like totally the faster-robot-pussy-cat-kill-kill-teenaged-mutant-space-monsters actually get on the Krackens and … and…. and… they suck. Mister Sigler, did you , eh, read through this story at least once before you started blabing it out on the net waves? Cause, ya’ know, it seems like, ya’ know, it’s going in all kinds of weirdo directions and the story could maybe like, ya’ know, go no where cause you are making it up as you go. Ya’ know? 

    Well I hope you do. 

    Cause my butt hurts from sitting on the edge of my seat for too long, ya’ know. 

    Just wondering. 

    Big Aloha, 

    Your Fan

    Old Man Parker


  2. Nicjunk

    It did finally work after a few hours. 

    Thanks again for an awesome series–loving it!  Although I was wondering–why does Bumberpuff talk like Captain Kirk? 😉

  3. Nicjunk

    I was psyched to know I would have 2, count ’em TWO, episodes to listen on the way to work tomorrow, but alas, this episode wouldn’t work. 🙁


    iTunes failed, as did the direct link on this website.


    Oh well, I know it is all part of your master plan to keep us junkies wanting more.  Well damnit, I want more now!  Must have fix… need it to continue on…lskjealkd (illegible mumbling from the floor, lying in a pool of my own spit)

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