THE MVP Episode #2

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Quentin Barnes and the Ionath Krakens find themselves in dire straits. Captured by the Prawatt Jihad, their Touchback engulfed by the largest ship ever constrcuted, Quentin & Co. must prepare to play “the game.” This is someriously meta stuff, Junkies!

Dunesteef audio drama #135: Harlan’s Wake by John Mierau

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  1. BenjiUSN

    I onboard with Calador and King Jerk!!!  I waited to just so i can buy the audiobook.  You make a good product and i’m willing to pay..

  2. King_Jerk

    WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!! Free MVP audio eps. out before i have a chance to buy the whole thing and rub it in my friends faces. FOR SHAME!!! I demand you rectify this at once.

  3. Zameon

    Oh my god.  This book is going to be so very very good.  Thanks Scott!  When you post the audiobook i will throw money at you!

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