THE MVP Episode #18

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Quentin, John, Becka and Crazy George Starcher try to recruit new talent for the Krakens – they only have to risk the wrath of Gredok, Hokor and Virak the Mean to do so. Worth the risk? You’ll find out in this episode.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We have officially named the Søundbøøth.
I mentioned the DØM 2012 Year in Review in this episode, becuase in MVP 18 I announce the winner of the Sound Booth of Døøm Contest. You can listen to thatclick here to listen, and see the great names in the comments. Also, I’m not going to tell you the Booth’s new name, but I will tell you the prize goes to Mark L. Berry for a clever idea that did not end up the new name for said Bøøth. You’ll just have to listen to find out.

Reader/Writer Podcast by Ben Delano

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  1. scottsigler

    @JZ: No, I don’t count Ripley as an “action hero” anymore than I count Charlie Sheen as one for his performance in PLATOON. To me, “action hero” means you’re going to the flick primarily to see this person kick a lot of ass (and in the 80s, also crack snarky jokes while kicking said ass). Action-hero movies are about the actor, primarily, and not the story.

  2. scottsigler

    @Sethunclestu: Yeah, that’s one of those things that looks great in the print book, but doesn’t play as well in audio. The standings are meant to start each chapter, as a stand-alone thing that shows you the drama of the rankings. Just doesn’t work as well in audio.

  3. SethsuncleStu

    Gobbbled up the entire MVP in one week and it was incredible!  The production blows away any other audio book out there.  


    Just one irritant, there is a Galactic Sports Newscast which reveals the weekly standings.  Then every chapter starts with a boring and redundant recital of the standings AGAIN (yes I know I am being redundant, I work in the department of redundancy department).  For the podcast it is ok but when listening to the audiobook chapter after chapter consecutively it is unnecessary and unwanted and slows down the action.  

    So FDO see if you can edit out the standings recital – it really detracts from what is otherwise the best frackin’ audio book ever! 

  4. scottsigler

    @SpiderMonkey: Sorry about that! It’s corrected, the link to the Year in Review episode is in the show notes, and the great Junkie names are in the comments of that blog post.

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