THE MVP Episode #16

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The fallout from the game against the Texas Earthlings puts the Krakens in a tough spot. Quentin finally gets a face-to-face wtih Gredok the Splithead, the first such meeting since the disasterous dinner at Torba the Hungry’s in THE ALL PRO.

Quentin comes up with a brilliant idea to save the season, but the idea is fraught with danger.

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  1. ARealGirl

    You know, we are open to putting out limited edition hardcovers of all the stuff, but timing will matter.  We likely won’t be putting out any other hardcovers until the GFL books are completed.

    Well, I don’t *think* we’ll be doing more than one hardcover a year. But, if we do, it would be the novellas, or possibly short story volumes. Or maybe EARTHCORE.

    But my money is on the next hardcover being GFL #5.



    @scottsigler As much as I would like to know if Chad Minshew met the Jan. 30 deadline I honestly dont think Im ready to know if he didnt. On a side note I know your time is very limited nowadays but I was thinking how you are going to eventually put together a hardcover limited run version of the GFL novellas have you ever gave it a thought of possibly putting together a limitrd run hardcover version of the popular “Color Series”? I just have to say that would be one very epic collection of short storys. 

  3. Old Man Parker

    Ah, yeah, oops, I just posted my Superman rant on da’ wrong episode. Sorry Sigler Tribe! Scott, Episode 16 rawked… lets bring on the weird robot/alien/things! Great idea…but…jeeze… when is poor old Quentin gonna wake up and see the real love right in front of his eyes!


  4. Old Man Parker

    Aloha Sigler Tribe!

    Hey, big news, a Superman Movie is a great idea! What’s the probnlem? He is one of the best comic book characters out there… one of long lasting tried and true, best freaking comic legends in sequencial art. We just need to give Lex Luthor a rest, and bring in some of his other vilians – the SUPER bad gays: like Brainiac, or the Parasite, or jeeze… you could do a trilogy of him fighting DarkSied on ApoKalypse! Com’on… bring on da’ BAD GUYS!

  5. scottsigler

    @DEAD_SILVER_EAGLE_BAYL06: Thanks for the support. We’re workin’ it!

    The two new GFL shirts are on-schedule. We’re assembling a poll to let Junkies pick from certain teams, so you guys will decide what the two teams will be.

    The INFECTED graphic novel deadline for the artist is Jan. 30. If we haven’t heard back by then, we’ll start looking at next steps, but we’re really hoping Chad comes through.


    Do what you need to do to get s**t done. good to hear you and A are still working on Nocturnal thats awesome. so does that mean the 2 new gfl shirts are going to be moved to a later date as well? last but not least hope all is well with infected comic/graphic novel have not heard any news about that in a month full of sundays.

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