THE MVP Episode #1

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Here it is, Junkies — the first episode of THE MVP, Book IV in the GFL series.

Since some people haven’t read THE ALL-PRO, we’ll be as spoiler-free as we can. If you recall the end of Book III in this series, our fighting Krakens were stranded in a place they did not want to be, about to be boarded by sentients they did not want to meet. We pick up the story right from there.

Hapax, a podcast novel by Katie Bryskie

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  1. scottsigler

    Yes, that’s a mistake that made it into the hardcover version, and since we record from the hardcover text, it made it into the podcast. Sorry! He’s a Worker. It’s fixed in the paperback, the eBook, and the downloadable audiobook.

  2. Amiko

    It is said in this episode that Massal the Efficient is a quyth leader (9:30 into the episode (including all the introduction)).

    In earlier books it was said he was a quyth worker.
    Which one is it then?
    My bet is on the worker.
  3. wyrdwyrd

    Yeah … Now-I … Get-to .. here the .. voice-of-Kirk
    for weeks and weeks.

    Still it’ll still probably be better than the eBook’s text-to-speech version that I listened to previously.

    (Btw, did you guys get the “turned upfield” -> “turned upheld” bug fixed?  It appeared several times in the eBook.)

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  4. jokerdas

    Well, then, an AWESOMELY-huge shout-out of thanks to ARealGirl for that hilarious idea!!!  The A stands for AWESOME!!!

    But NOBODY could have pulled it off the way you did, Scott!!!


  5. Clit_Commander_Martin

    Great job on the first episode! I wish i could fastforward two weeks to the audiobook posting. Cant want for episode two in a few days. Thumbs up!

  6. scottsigler

    @Jokerdas: Yes I … planned … to read him in the … voiceofKirk.

    You can all thank ARealGirl for that gem of an idea. She came up with it while we were recording the book. I ran with it and had a blast. As if there is any other voice for the captain of a starship!

  7. jokerdas

    F….DO…. did-you…. plan to… voice him…. in-the-cadence… of Kirk… or are-you just… ha…ving fun?

    I have to say… reading the books in print is awesome, but HEARING them adds an entirely new level of enjoyment altogether!!!

    Thanks again!!!

  8. Stormy

    our fighting Krakens were stranded in a place they did not want to be, about to be boarded by sentients they did not want to meet.

    This needs an award for how much of an understatement this is. 🙂

  9. jokerdas

    This is so exciting!!!

    Thank you, Scott!!! You ROCK!

    And a cool thanks to A for keeping our FDO on track and getting this wonderful audio injection known as the GFL back into our blood streams!!!!

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