THE GANGSTER Episode #18

A news report from a reporter embedded in the Purist Nation is about to tear away a veil of secrecy and reveal Grand Mullah Fann Kuek’s policies’ disastrous results. While in the Hypatia under the protection of a Planetary Union warship, Quentin, Becca, Big Mike, Choto, and Marcus Diablo are about to get some game-changing news of their own.″

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  1. Patrick

    I’m finally all caught up. Great work on Mt. Fitzroy Scott. I love how everything ties together in the Siglerverse. Being a horror guy I never thought GFL would be my favorite, but I can’t get enough. GO Krackens!

      1. Patrick

        I do every chance I get Scott-o. I’ve been a Junkie for close to a decade. In fact you helped me out with some great advice on my own novels some years back.

        I started on infected, which I found literally just searching the internet for decent body horror and quickly consumed everything else I could find that wasn’t the GFL. Literally just because of the Young Adult tag and because it was about Football and I wasn’t a huge sports fan at the time. But without anything else Sigler to satisfy the itch I eventually gave in. Now I’m hooked.

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