THE DETECTIVE eBook on sale now

THE DETECTIVE eBook launch

Hi, Junkies, ARealGirl here to announce another new Dark Øverlord product.

Finally! THE DETECTIVE is the second GFL novella, and it is now available in all formats for all eReaders by clicking right here (Kindle and Nook included). Just $3.99, this story covers Frederico Esteban Guissepe Gonzaga’s search for the family of Quentin Barnes. We’ve posted it at for Kindle, Barnes & Noble for Nook (but we have no control over when they process the book for sale — we’ve done our part, now we just have to wait until it’s available there).

Matt Wallace teamed up with Scott to pen this two-fisted tale that takes us to Micovi, Ionath City and even to the Jupiter Net Colony in the Planetary Union.

While this one is still YA (young adult), it’s a violent tale that takes on some very adult themes. Fred’s history is heart-wrenching. I love what Matt and Scott did to bring this character to life.

In the GFL timeline, this novella takes place during THE STARTER and THE ALL-PRO. You’ll see mostly brand-new stuff, as well as some familiar scenes told from a different point of view. I may be biased, but I think THE DETECTIVE is a little bit of storytelling magic.

Those of you who attended the East Coast (THE MVP) and West Coast (NOCTURNAL) tours get this eBook for free! If you attended one of those stops and haven’t received a download link yet, watch the video posted above and then send an email to, saying what tour stop you attended.

10/23/12, 4:14pm: edited to fix East Side/West Side info. (Thanks BigJohn!)

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  1. Granby

    Oh my god thank you so much.

    I loved the The Rookie and just finished the Starter, and was holding out to read the Detective before I started on the rest of the series. 


  2. Granby

    Ok, so this is probably a very dumb question.

    I don’t have an e-reader, so there any way to get a copy of the Detective that is not a hard copy? or if there isn’t, how long until printing and is it even going to be printed?


  3. rgelb

    I feel bad that you work on a book for months on end and I finish it in 48 hours and then demand more.  The Reporter was fantastic and I am sure Detective will be too.  

    Perhaps it is possible to hook up with 20 other authors and have them doing all these GFL side stories.

    Here are some ideas:
    • Don Pine’s time @ Jupiter and how he came to have 2 rings
    • How the Ki are intertwined with the triangles in the invasion of Earth in Infected.
    • Some nugget from the last war with the Prawatt
    • The only man to come back alive from the Portath Cloud
    • The story with the attempted assassination by the Zoroastrian guild has not been fully (or really, at all) explored.
    • Why is Greedok at war with the Detective???  There must have been a juicy reason.
    • Power struggle within the leadership of Purist Nation.  I’ve always been fascinated by power struggles within the leaderships of religions.  
    • John and Ju’s search for their real dad.
  4. Rantsinyourpants

    Can’t wait, but just so you know the video was dorked up in the feed. It was the video of the trip from Pittsburgh to Chicago.

    $3.99? That’s a freaking bargain! Can’t wait for it to show up at Amazon!

  5. ScottEPond

    Loving THE DETECTIVE… it’s sweet! In the tradition of junkies who can’t get enough, I noticed a brief glimpse of TITLE FIGHT… when should those chomping at the bit expect to see that drop at Amazon and B&N?

  6. Beth_Ailis

    This is great! I can read this to The Big Guy while we wait for the MVP audio book. (with all the time we spend in the car, we NEED more Sigler to make the commute bearable.)

  7. BigJohn

    Looks like the FDO needs a haircut. Can’t wait for the book! I think you got your coast tours reversed, though. West coast was Nocturnal, East Coast cheaterbeaters were MVP.

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