THE CHAMPION Episode #39

At the end of last episode, Quentin blocked as Becca Montagne ran behind him — and then over him — for the go-ahead touchdown. With less than a minute to play in the Galaxy Bowl, the Krakens cling to a slim lead, but it’s not over … not as long as Don Pine has the ball in his hands. Can Ionath hold off the Jupiter Jacks and repeat as GFL champs?

Remember, next week’s episode is our Q & A. Send us an mp3 with your question to and we’ll play them next week!  You can also call 1-206-666-4673. (That’s 1-206-666-GORE.)

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  1. Joshua

    Hi Scott,

    I just wanted to say thank you for writing this series. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and I am somewhat surprised by my endearment to the GFL. As a long time non-fan of sports, to be so enamoured of a “sports” setting, really amazes me.

    Honestly, if I hadn’t loved your other work so much I probably would have skipped over it and never even given it a chance. That would have been a shame because this is awesome stuff.

    I love the universe, the races, the characters, the intrigue, the drama… The level of detail you’ve created is astounding to me. My only complaint is that there isn’t more :-).

    From an unrecognized artist to a successful one, you have done some truly fine work here, and you’ve got another loyal Krakens fan.


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