THE CHAMPION Episode #33

The Krakens are 9-0 and have clinched a playoff berth. But, a cheap-shot from Yalla the Biter knocked Quentin out cold, giving the Ionath quarterback a concussion. Now Quentin’s health status must be determined by league doctors before he is allowed to play in the regular season — or, possibly, in the playoffs. Will Quentin line up for the Orange and the Black this week, or will one of the backups lead the team against the Buddha City Elite?

Listen after the story to hear Scott’s thoughts on the end of JUSTIFIED.

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  1. jokerdas

    Good episode. A few quick questions…
    With only a few episodes left before the ever informative Q&A episode, how would someone submit their questions? Is the Gore Line still available? Will MP3 questions be accepted again? What are the chances of the Q&A being a video episode? How about junkies submitting questions in a video format?

  2. Robert

    Something I like about Rob Froese is that while Quentin sees him as an ‘antagonist”, he wields his power fairly. Giving Yalla the Biter a very tough punishment for a big offense, and not letting Quentin play with a horrible concussion. I enjoy the fact that these characters aren’t just black and white.

  3. RapidEye

    I love Justified! My wife and I are 3 episodes away from finishing the series. Thanks for not spoiling it and giving me hope that its going to finish in a satisfying way.

    I thought this last season is pretty solid, better than last years. Besides, we’ve got smokin’ hot Wynonna back – hubba hubba!!!

    A big part of what makes this series work isn’t just Raylan, but the supporting cast. Tim is my favorite – he comes across as an awe shucks dork, but is a stone cold killer when the shit hits the fan.

    We watched 2 episodes last night, should be done in a couple of days.

  4. BigJohn

    I hope that young adults who may be playing football in high school read this and take heart with the depictions of Quentin’s concussion pain. It’s sad to think players would play through this kind of thing. @scottsigler, have you ever had a concussion? It seems like you write this type of pain with more than just a passing familiarity.

    1. scottsigler

      @BigJohn: I’m from a different era. When I played, as did those who played before me, “playing through the pain” was expected of all athletes. Coaches were very concerned about injuries at all times, but there wasn’t as much focus on concussions. If a kid was throwing up, rolling on the ground holding his head, sure, no one expected him to go in. But “coach, my head hurt,” wasn’t considered a valid thing, so the coach let the kid decide. And therein lies the problem — a 16-year-old athlete who is desperate to compete, who wants to be there for his/her team, who wants to live up to the coach’s expectations, will often play on.

      We were trained to be tough. We were trained to push our body past the point of failure. We were trained to understand that pain was a temporary thing standing in the way of success, and if we wanted to succeed, we needed to play with it or push past it.

      So, yeah, I’m pretty sure I had a couple of minor concussions, but again, there wasn’t this focus and we weren’t immediately sent to a doctor. Did I have one for sure? I don’t know, because I knew if I complained about it and the doctor looked at me, I might not be able to play — so I didn’t say anything. Kids who had concussions were taken out of play, it’s just that kids didn’t volunteer themselves to be examined.

      My heaviest playing weight about 125 pounds. That’s giving up a lot of mass. I was smart about choosing when to hit and not taking on 200-pound guys head-to-head, but still, when you’re that small and you play hard and like violence, you’re going to get lit up.

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