THE CHAMPION Episode #29

The Krakens enter the by week undefeated, 7-0 and in sole possession of first place in the Planet Division. Good thing they have the week off, as Quentin is still recovering from the broken collarbone he suffered last week against the D’Oni Ceolocanths. As the Krakens return from that game, Yolanda and Whykor the Aware are finishing up their investigation — who is the Zoroastrian Guild spy?


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  1. broken

    After this episode, while waiting for the next, I am going back and listening to the other audiobooks to “hunt” for clues as to who else could be involved. Now, I am suspecting everyone! Ahhh!! The suspense is maddening!!!

  2. Robert

    Amazing episode. Really hoping that Kimberlin has something bigger going on behind the scenes where he’s not part of a terrorist group. :p Looking forward to next week’s episode.

  3. Rhonda

    I downloaded it via iTunes yesterday, and I only get the 4 minute one. I have deleted it and downloaded again, but get the same thing.

    I realize that this is just a technical issue, but I need y’all to hear me when I whine, “I NEED my episode on Mondays! NEED!!!”

    Whining over. I’ll try again this evening when I get off work.

  4. Muddy_Junkie

    So listening to Scott Sigler​ chatting about putting on some lbs during his trip. Makes me think about my daily struggle to be more active, especially before work, cause when I get home, I know it’s not gonna happen. A couple years ago I lost almost 20% of my body weight through eating healthier and working out. It has not all come back, but about 5% has.

    Couple questions for the Junkies:
    1. What do you do to get yourself going in the morning. This assumes you are not a morning person naturally and fight the good fight against the “snooze button”.
    2. What is your workout routine? No matter what your goal (add muscle, lose weight) is.

  5. Adam

    Scott Sigler, why do you have to make me cry? Teasing us about the Zoroastrian guild, but not giving us episode to find out what it’s about. Good luck with work out.

  6. Joel Anderson

    It’s not a cache problem. The link that has the url spelled out is only 4.2 mb, and 4 minutes long. The link that says “Click here” is the full 47 mb.

  7. Andrew Allport

    So just wanted to post about Scott’s workout plans to burn off the vacation souvenir. Scott’s podcasts (and now others, there’s only so much material) are actually a key part of my own work out routine. A few years ago and 47 pounds heavier I needed to find something to entertain myself while trying to get started working out. This is where I came across Infected and I have been listening to Scott’s work ever since. Early on I made a deal with myself that I could only listen while exercising. Want to find out what happens next? Gotta keep running or get back at it the next day. My workouts consist of typically 40-60 minutes of cardio and about 20 minutes of sit-ups/push-ups/light free weights about 6 days a week. I was able to stick with this plan and with a little better eating (I brew my own beer and my wife is a pastry chef….the eating is only going to be so good) I got the weigh off in a little over a year and have kept it off for two years now. I seriously contribute a lot of this to the hours of entertainment that Scott and artists like him provide and I recommend using his works the same way I did. This is I need to lose another 15…… When’s the Crypt Book 2 coming out? Thanks again Scott for all the work you create. It has been a major help to me for more than just entertainment value.

  8. Caleb Dykes

    I listen to the podcasts and the episode there is only four minutes long. All it is is you talking about how people reacted badly to who the plant was if they read the book and then you talking about the weight you gained when you went to your parents house. Otherwise nothing, no story at all. Maybe you accidently cut the actual chapter out of the podcast before you posted which is why only the intro/conclusion in there. It seems like the intro is here on the website as it is only a minute long and the ending is on the iTunes podcast at that is only four minutes long and different from what plays above on this webpage.

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