THE CHAMPION Episode #28

GFL commissioner Rob Froese informed Quentin that someone aboard the Touchback was sending messages to the Zoroastrian guild, messages that coincided with lethal terrorist attacks. To find this culprit, Frose embedded his assistant Whykor the Aware and reporter Yolanda Davenport aboard the Touchback, under the guise of doing a feature story on Quentin. As this off-the field drama plays out, the Krakens kicks off against the D’Oni Ceolocanths. Kopor the Climber is the starting fullback, to replace Becca Montagne, who has moved to 3rd-string QB. Can Kopor finally step up and give Quentin the pass protection he needs, or will the merciless Ceolocanth pass rush send Quentin to an early grave?

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