FridayFix • Pick our new T-shirts!

It’s time for new T-shirts! Who gets to choose what we make? You get to choose! Well, you get to help, anyway. Listen in to this awesome cast (there is slurping) and then pick your picks from the handy polls below.

Where did we get these suggestions? From the comments in THE CHAMPION Episode #3. See how it pays to listen every week, Suckas? T-shirts for Junkies, chosen by Junkies!

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Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download.

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  1. Bandit

    I know it is early for the podcast, so SPOILER ALERT, I want a “Bord Strong” tee to help those poor people rebuild. I can’t shucking believe I was killed in a Sigler book! Best day ever!

  2. Insignificant Blood Splatter

    Yay, voting! It has a hard choice. Trench Warfare for sure, but my second choice was harder. I’d love any of these. <3

    Hah, I was going to vote Earthlings and Jacks, but the pink swayed me from Jacks to Warlords. Not surprised at the poll leaders! I can't believe we don't have a Jacks shirt yet? Totally didn't even realize. o.o

  3. Todd Taylor

    Looking forward to wearing my McMurdo Murderers (guess who my favorite player was?) T-shirt while slurping on some Junkie gin and listening to Trench Warfare’s No Man’s Land!

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