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FridayFix • Sam Sykes chats
with Empty Set

Scott, Sam and the wolJunkies! This week’s FridayFix is an interview with author Sam Sykes!

We sat down with Sam this past weekend at WonderCon in Los Angeles, to discuss his new book The Mortal Tally, among many varied and sundry other things. Including raccoons and owls. (The pic to the right is Scott and Sam showing off the ‘wol’ magnet Scott gifted to Sam.)

You can find Sam at @samsykesswears on Twitter, @theworstunicorn on Instagram, and up to no good at

Are you in the general San Diego/Southern California area?  We’re having a launch party for ALIGHT tomorrow night at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego!  That’s right, you can get your copy three whole days early, and enjoy some wine, beer, soft drinks and nibblies!  Come join us!

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