SUPERBAD came out a decade ago (yes, feel old)

StorySmack Episode #25

An episode about high school awkwardness, losing virginity, fake IDs, the cops we all wish were real, and drawing dicks.

Join us for this veiny, triumphant bastard of an episode. Our long-time sponsor “GoDaddy Coupon” keeps the hits a-coming.

SUPERBAD: THE DRAWINGS: A coffee table book of all the penis drawings in the movie.

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  1. Adammled

    I finally got to watch this again. I also noticed something during the credits that I don’t remember being mentioned during the podcast. Superbad pre”dick”ted a Trump presidency. If you watch it on Hulu, go to timestamp 01:49:49 to see it.

  2. jokerdas

    25th EPISODE!!! I have enjoyed every episode!

    I listen to Story Smack when I jog. Serialized stories when I work out, Story Smack when I jog.

    Today, I could not make it through the episode! I had to turn it off after about 18 minutes! No, not because you said the “j” word a couple of times, but because I was laughing so hard, I could not catch my breath. I had to stop jogging and sit down. At that rate, I was never going to get through my 30 minutes jog time. I was getting funny looks from people as I was literally laughing out loud while trying to keep pace! I had to postpone it for a less physical time!

    Hilarious episode!

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