FridayFix • Dystopic Super Bowl 50

This morning io9 published this quiz: Fictional Dystopia or the Super Bowl?, by Katharine Trendacosta. Scott and I recorded ourselves taking the quiz, because a) scifi and b) football.  We had not seen the questions beforehand, so you get our first hand reactions.

I also did not realize until halfway through the quiz that Scott and I were competing, so I demand that his one point lead be recorded with an asterisk.

WPeter Cline's Ex-Heroes seriesIN PETER CLINE‘S “EX-HEROES” SERIES:
You have to listen in to find out how. It’s not complicated. Which means it’s not like politics. Or math.


  • CREATURE by John Saul
  • MUCK CITY by Brian Mealer
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  • Key & Peele – McCringleberry’s Excessive Celebration:

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  1. Erik Luna

    Gotta go with the Avocado commercial. Only because of the fact that they referenced airline seats. I was preparing to fly from Orlando to Minneapolis during the game.

  2. jokerdas

    Favorite commercial of THIS year’s Super Bowl is the Hulk/Ant-Man Coke commercial. (Only because I am a total geek!)
    A VERRRRRY close second was puppy-monkey-baby for that tune being stuck in my cranium for the rest of my life!!!!

  3. mrben

    I liked the Baldwin/Marino advert a fair bit. (Although the Toyota Prius advert was funny in how desperate it was – “look at us, people *do* like us and we drive fast and efficient. Please love us”

  4. Bryan B

    Without a doubt, the Budweiser / Helen Mirren “Give a damn” commercial. Working in the transportation industry (with an eye on safety), this is something that hits home. I just wish people would realize that driving a vehicle is a privilege and not a right.

    That said, I did miss seeing the Clydesdales.

  5. scottmacs

    The puppymonkeybaby Mountain Dew commercial and the Prius commercial are tied for my favorite. Puppymonkeybaby would have been my favorite outright if not for the follow up where the cops get a Prius of their own.

  6. Joseph Potthast

    For me the commercials I liked the most was when Willem Dafoe played Marilyn Monroe for the Snickers ad which which reminded me of his part in Boondock Saints. The second would be when Ant Man and Hulk both go for the last Coke. It was a kinda stupid but fun all the same.

  7. Steve Travis

    As a car guy, I loved the Audi R8 astronaut ad. I’ve had days where everything seemed boring and mundane, so I just went out and took a spirited drive on some curvy back roads.

    I also loved the Dame Helen Mirren Budweiser commercial. It was classy, yet insulting to those who have engaged in drunk driving. It’s also nice to see a drunk driving message that still acknowledges that this is supposed to be fun, but driving crosses the line from fun to stupid.

  8. Lorenzo Gomez

    Pokemon. It was an ad that manifested diversity. I think it had the vibe of “not matter where you are from, we all like this one thing, and that overcomes the hurdle of being from another country when connecting with other humans. ”

    On the other hand, this could just be an advertising campaign for a Pokemon reboot. Regardless, I think the wonderful message of diversity is there.

  9. mightybrick

    My favorite commercial would be the Mountain Dew puppymonkeybaby. It was so bizarre I couldn’t help but like it. I also really liked the Prius bank heist commercial.

  10. BigJohn

    My favorite was for sure the Prius 4 bank robbery commercial. The first one they showed. That was awesome. 🙂

    Also, I take issue and would argue that Minority Report is not a dystopic future.

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