FridayFix • So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

If you’re a regular FridayFix aficionado, you may find this podcast disturbing, shocking and like a bullet to your very heart. Well, that’s overly dramatic, but shit, man, I’m a writer — hyperbole is my business. ARealGirl and I sit down to hash out the future of this ‘cast. Listen in.

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  1. sadock

    The FridayFix™ had a good (and long) run. Congratulations on a show well done. I’m happy to have contributed what little I did to it way back when.
    I’m really looking forward to the new StorySmack™ ‘cast. It sounds like it has worlds of potential! I’m curious where y’all will be posting the ‘heads up’ info on what you’ll be covering in future episodes. Will that be in the newsletter (I hope!), the marquee cast (I hope not), or both (that’d work, too). Inquiring minds and all…

  2. Johan

    You mention a mailing list that we should subscribe to if we want to keep track of when there are new releases of books. Maybe I am blind but I can’t find anywhere to subscribe to said list. Where do I subscribe?


        1. scottsigler

          Johan: That’s a great point, that you can’t see it on mobile. I’d forgotten about that. We’re preparing to adjust some things on the site so we’ll take a look at that.

          On mobile, you simply can’t get it with our current design. DAMN!

  3. jokerdas

    Upon first seeing only the title of this post, I thought it was a teaser for GFL Book VI, something with Danny the Dolphin, but alas, the Douglas Adams quote has less to do with dolphins and more to do with departure.
    It sounds more like a change and less like a cessation.
    I look forward to the new format and same great content!

  4. Mark Zaricor

    Saw this in my feed with no context and started having a panic attack. Thought the podcast was completely going away! Glad to hear that’s not the case. As far as the loss of The Friday Fix goes, it seems that it’s not so much a loss as it is tweaking it and calling it something else. Sounds like you’ve got a good handle on things (like there’s ever any doubt about that!), so I’ll just sit back and continue to listen to everything you put out, just like I’ve been doing.

    Couple of questions: you mentioned Earthcore. When is it scheduled to come out? And is it available for pre-order yet?


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