SNATCH (with special guests: the FDØ’s nephews)

StorySmack Episode #19

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We sat down to watch SNATCH this week while Scott’s nephews were in town. They’d never seen this awesome crime flick from 2000, and it was pretty interesting to chat with them about it afterward. Listen in to hear the next generation Sigler men share their opinions on shakey-cam fights with their decidedly anti-shakey-cam uncle.

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  1. jokerdas

    Fun episode! Interesting to include the next generation opinions. (Even if they are wrong! Shakey-cam is okay? NO!)
    You were talking about how shakey-cam is the norm from many of the popular video games now-a-days, I envisioned Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, or even PONG with shakey-cam! How much would that just SUCK! We would be out of breath from blowing out the cartridges every couple of minutes thinking there was a problem with the games! Even Duke Nukem didn’t user first person shakey-cam.
    A mentioned strapping “Hotdog” FDO to a chair Clockwork Orange-style to get him over it, except that wouldn’t work because people already get violently ill when they watch shakey-cam, so brain-washing someone to get violently ill, as a means to prevent them from getting violently ill while watching, just seems paradoxical!

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