Fan festivals for creators – a SiglerFest2k18 recap

StorySmack Episode #41

Our big party is over. The FDØ and ARealGirl recap SiglerFest2k18, the biggest SiglerFest yet.

Fan appreciation is a major part of the business for some creators. This episode provides insight as to what goes into a fan appreciation event, and how creators can manage such events when growth drives attendance far beyond expectations.

And hey, you ready to sign up for next year soirée, SiglerFest2k19? Click here, sucka!

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download. This episode brought to you in part by our GoDaddy Coupon page.  

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  1. Jenn Lundy

    Ah football, always a great time, however, this Wisco gal had to watch her beloved Packers fall to the FDO’s Lions at SiglerFest. Well done Sir.

    One of the first things I do when the NFL schedule is released is look to Columbus Day weekend and see if we’re playing the Lions. It was a rough kicking game but rounded out an amazing SF2K18 with double FDO & Director of Doom team wins. Until next time.

  2. Angela Benford

    Seriously?? Already registering for 2019? Yep! we did that — the Benfords are IN!!

    and I will echo Scott, we had a great time! A, you must have done a good job of putting out those fires, because we had a wonderful time (though I would agree, it feels we didn’t get to hang with you AT ALL, which made my husband in particular pretty sad .. )

    Love you guys! keep up the good work!

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