SiglerFest 2K13 Registration is NOW OPEN!

October 11 & 12, 2013 • The Orleans Hotel & Casino
4500 West Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89103


Click here to listen to the audio announcement
for SiglerFest 2K13 Registration!

Orleans hotel for SiglerFest

The time has come! SiglerFest 2K13 registration is now open! To register, click the PayPal button below. Registration is still just $45. Click on the PayPal button below to register (the button is a little distorted, but it works fine).

To reserve sleeping rooms at the hotel, please click here to go to the Orleans Group reservations websiteand use the code A3SFC10.

Alternatively , you can call the Guest Reservations number at (800) 675-3267 and identify yourself as part of the group SiglerFest.

If you missed SiglerFest 2011 or 2012, you missed a great weekend with great people. Come for the Sigler, stay for the awesome Junkies you will meet and love and cherish your whole life long. I’m not even kidding. And, who can say, maybe the cousins will turn up! Will Pope Siglericus XXX risk showing his face in Las Vegas again? How about Soupbone the Wonder Pimp? And SiglerFest 2K12 taught us that Francis Dominic Oliveri is terrible at arm wrestling and smacktalking, but good at bowling. Okay, not great at bowling either.

If you came last year, leave a comment below about what you thought. If you didn’t come, consider it — an affordable getaway weekend in Vegas, live recordings of original stories, all of your friends from this site, and the FDØ in rare form.

Looking forward to seeeing y’all in October!

Baby McButter cake at SiglerFest2K12.

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  1. MuchAdo

    Well, as long as I make some money this tax season, I’m in.  I won’t register until after April 15th and I’ll hope there is still room for me them.  Last year was a lot of fun.

  2. ARealGirl

    You can certainly get a hug, but the registration fees cover (some) the cost of putting the event on, including the meeting room fees and chartered bus for excursions, as well as tees and badges and things used to put together games or presentations.

    Last year it also paid for bowling, but cousin Frankie bought the pizza. Wink

  3. Beth_Ailis

    WE’ve been to both Siglerfests and will be going again this year. (Already got the time off in the calendar.)

    Hanging with the FDO and A is so much fun. Plus you get to go on adventures and bus rides and drink and eat and swear and bowl with some of the coolest people on the planet. And tase (taze?) Athanas! BodyMaim 2013!

    And there might be cake… just sayin’


  4. Nelzone

    Woo Hoo – Tasers and Cake and Machine Guns, oh my.

    Last year was a blast – great people, much fun was had by all. 

    Bowling, lively discussions about sports or which of the Winnie the Pooh characters would win a death match, nuclear radiation, who could ask for more.  

    I’ll be back for SF2K13 – 

  5. exotiKali

    I had a blast at both Siglerfests. Scott & A jam the weekend full of fun things to do and I love hanging out with junkies. There was gun shooting & story readings & NSFW games & tasings & even cake. The really cool thing about Siglerfest is that you know you have something in common with everybody there (great taste in literature), so you feel surrounded by friends. Too bad Vegas rules prohibit me from telling you what happens in the evening when the junkies hit the bar … I CAN’T WAIT! 

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