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FridayFix • Should you outline your novel?

Featuring best-selling authors Naomi Novik & Peter V. Brett

Naomi NovikWhen we hit Phoenix Comicon, we got to hang out with a ton of awesome authors. We were able to snag a few of them for FridayFix interviews about writing and the business of writing. This week’s FridayFix features one of those interviews, with the awesome Peter V. Brett and the brilliant Naomi Novik. I chatted them up about a constant question I get from new writers: should I outline my book, or just write it?

Naomi is the author of the New York Times best-selling Temeraire series, and her brand-new novel UPROOTEDPETER V BRETT which is in stores on June 15, 2015. Snag it! Peter is the author of the Demon Cycle series,  some seriously kick ass fantasy. They are both New York Times best-sellers and have sold gajillions of books, meaning they know their shit when it comes to writing.

Peter outlines, Naomi doesn’t, so listen in and see which method might work for you.

We also talk about Peter writing an entire novel on his cell phone, and Naomi writing her latest novel in freaking long-hand. You know, on actual paper? WTF.

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