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Plus: Throat wounds; chasing the horse and/or pony and/or dragon; teetering masses of crockery; death by Jenga and laces out, Dan!

It’s the holidays, and that means family and what-not. It also means things popping up out of nowhere like schedule-destroying demons, hell-bend on ruining all yer carefully crafted plans. Yep, happens to us like it happens to everyone else, so how do we handle that?


My lifelong buddy Rob Otto. We were born on the same day, same year, so — obviously — we’re twins!

How about you, Junkies? What kind of things popped up during your holiday season to scuttle your schedules?

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  1. sadock

    I totally empathize. You never know exactly *what* roadblocks the universe is going to lay down in your path. You just traverse them as best you can. If I ever forget this, someone damn well better slap me upside the head and say “remember 2012, dumb ass?”

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