Scott reads EARTHCORE bad reviews …

With the EARTHCORE paperback finally in stores (boom!), I thought I’d celebrate by reading some reviews from the eBook and audiobook versions. It seems some people did not enjoy some of the more colorful EARTHCORE language and they weren’t shy about letting me know …

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  1. Andy Wilson

    Well, quite clearly they have no taste in great writing. They are all talking absolute tosh and utter nonsense. They allshould be roasted and fed to the pigs.

  2. Indy Q

    Recently ordered this book from Mysterious Galaxy bookstore (the day of your book signing so you could autograph it) and now I can’t wait to receive it and start reading. But then my hubby says I talk like a sailor (in private) and I hate timid writing, so there’s that. Sounds like you stayed true to the characters – write on!

    BTW – read all three books in the Generation Trilogy and enjoyed the adventure! Any chance they’ve been optioned for film or TV series?

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