THE RIDER Episode #12

Pete uncovered Tony’s betrayal and the man’s plan to hurt — or kill — Ridgeback mounts. Including Ol’ Bess. How deep does Gredok the Splithead’s involvement in Dinolition go? And what will Gredok try to crush next?

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  1. Tony Crichton

    So no more download button. the main reason I listen to sooo much of Scott’s stuff apart from it being “amazing” was, that I could listen whilst driving, by bluetoothing straight to my Radio which is a large part of my job here in the UK. I appreciate that once downloaded it’s difficult for Scott to regain ownership of his creative “Shuckin Masterpieces” but I can now only listen by buying the audio book or listening in a dark room via Wi-Fi I will buy the book obviously as I have done with all of the GFL books but the listening experience and the try before you buy were always a part of the appeal on a positive note Eartcore audio from I tunes was brilliant but I never wanted to get out of my car keep doing your thing Scott I will find a way mwah ha ha

  2. jokerdas

    Alright, I have not read the e-book for this, so I am only about 50% sure Scott was being facetious in the outro when he said, “…yes, they will be the death of Pete yet!” Or is the FDO going to pull a “George RR Martin” and KILL OFF A POPULAR CHARACTER???? (Although, it is not like he has not done that before, right?)
    Oh the agony of impatience!!!!

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