THE RIDER Episode #1

Holy cats! We’re launching a new serial audiobook, a long-awaited return to the world of the Galactic Football League. Welcome to the tale of Poughkeepsie Pete, star jockey in the spectacle known as Dinolition. Armored little people riding armored dinosaurs in an arena bloodsports? YES PLEASE! Be on the lookout for guest appearances by many of your favorite GFL stars.

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  1. tim critter clark

    So I’m in the dog yard scooping up sled dog poop, psyched to be listening to Mr. Sigler narrate the story and I hear my name as one of the characters. Absolutely freaked out, all the dogs looking at me like I’m nuts. I can die happy now. Life goal achieved!

  2. Nicktacular


    I’ve been out of the sigler loop for a few months after burning through everything a second and third time in some cases. When can we expect GFL book 6?

    Sorry if it’s already been answered!

    1. scottsigler

      Dawn: You’re certainly not the only one. For starters, we had to complete the rewrite of EARTHCORE before we could even consider writing MT. ITZROY, the sequel. Now that we’ve got EARTHCORE out in the market, we’ll look at the pending deadlines on our plate and schedule it when we can.

  3. Todd Taylor

    Dear Scott,

    In the comments of this podcast you mentioned that Pandemic was your longest podcast at 42 episodes (including two Q&As); however, I believe that the Nocturnal podcast, from Oct. 23, 2013, to Sep. 12, 2014, clocked in at 47 episodes (including two Q&As). I’m not sure about any before that.

    Just for your info.

    Best, Todd

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