PREDATOR 30th Anniversary

StorySmack Episode #20

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Hey you mandible-toothed ugly motherfuckers, can you believe it’s been three frickin’ decades since PREDATOR opened up a can of painless on movie audiences? Well, it has, and your erstwhile journalist tag-team champs have jumped straight off the top rope and dropped the elbow on this bad boy. Come groove with us as we rock out with Ah-Nold and his amazing cast.

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  1. Elliot Gould

    Hey Scott and A.

    Regarding your observation about when the film quality degraded in two of the scenes, I suspect the exposure on the film was very poor (i.e. under exposed) and they didn’t have a proper substitute or another take that good, nor did they want (due to time, budget, etc,) to go back and reshoot the scene. So, the post-production team was probably asked to do their magic to recover what they could. They took a gamble that the audience might see the difference in quality, but it wouldn’t be jarring enough to pull them out of the movie.

    My $0.02.


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