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FridayFix • Pierce Brown

Author of Red Rising trilogy talks writing process, screenplays, hollywood and being an "overnight success"

Pierce Brown’s first novel RED RISING was a smash hit. While touring to support GOLDEN SON, the second book in that series, Pierce visited the Empty Set studios to talk about his books, his career, and to answer questions sent in by his fans.

Scott already reviewed the book, but with Pierce in town, we wanted to jibber-jab to entertain your faces. If you’re a creative type, this is a great interview for ya. Even for someone who hits it out of the park with a “first novel,” there is much work to be done if you want to succeed.

Want to listen to the audio instead? Here ya go:

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  1. BigJohn

    @scottsigler, what was that you were talking about regarding seeing your name up on screen at Hunger Games III? I didn’t quite understand what you were saying. I think you said something about having one of your quotes used as a blurb for the book, but then also something about on-screen before a movie?

  2. ratman19

    A month ago I was browsing through Goodreads and came across Red Rising. I read the description and I pegged it as another teenage bopper dystopia. I was about to move on when I saw Scott Sigler reviewed it and gave it 5 stars. At first I wasn’t sure if Sigs review was simply professional courtesy or if this book was truly deserving the 5 stars. I decided to give it a chance and The next day I picked up my copy of Red Rising.

    OH MY GOODIE GOOD GUMDROPS! This book is great. I am hooked. I don’t like to talk about books so I won’t here, but please trust me when I say Brown is on to something here. This is the beginning of something amazing and it will no doubt become a nationwide craze. I recently heard Brown wrote the film script for Red Rising and after a bidding war Sony Pictures won the rights to the film. It already has a great director attached to it and will surely be the next Hunger Games. I can only hope though that the film stays true to the book and doesn’t take itself to appeal more to the masses. It will though I am sure, it makes sense financially.

    Better than Sigler? No. A great debut novel? Yes.

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