PANDEMIC Social Media Contest

This contest ends January 19. Winners will be announced January 20, the day before PANDEMIC is released.
Junkies, did you really think I’d launch PANDEMIC without some kind of contest to stir things up? No sir, I say no sir!

We’re going to clog the social medias with talk about PANDEMIC and the INFECTED series, and you’re going to help. Why? Because I’m givin’ away so much stuff, I must be innnnsane!

Three winners will snag a prize pack, and one of those winners will be also dubbed the Grand Prize winner. Here’s what all three winners get:

  • Signed, personalized ANCESTOR Hardcover.
  • Signed, personalized PANDEMIC Advance Reader Copy (ARC).
  • Signed, personalized ROOKIE Advance Reader Copy (ARC). These are impossible to find and an extremely rare. We only made a handful of them, so this might be your only change to add it to your collection.
  • Signed, numbered, personalized, limited-edition STARTER Hardcover (GFL Book II).
  • A copy of GAMES CREATURES PLAY, featuring a new Hunter Hunterson & Sons tale in the anthology edited by Charlaine Harris of TRUE BLOOD fame.
  • A copy of ROBOT UPRISINGS, featuring a Petra Prawatt story in the anthology edited by Daniel H. Wilson, author of ROBOPOCALYPSE.

PANDEMIC is the conclusion to the New York Times bestselling INFECTED trilogy, out Jan. 21 from Crown Publishing

Registration and three nights’ hotel stay for SiglerFest 2014 in Las Vegas! Boom!

You need to post pictures and/or videos of you that show/say why you’re excited about PANDEMIC coming out on Jan. 21, 2014, and why you think people should read the INFECTED trilogy. 

1) Take photos and/or videos of you with copies of INFECTED and CONTAGIOUS. You can also show your Kindle/tablet copies if you are an eReader. If you only listened to the audio, then come up with a clever way to show these books. Tell people why you love the series and why you are so excited for PANDEMIC! Do not give spoilers! Spoilers (particularly of one Perry Dawsey) will disqualify your entry!

2) Post to Twitter and/or Facebook and/or Instagram and;or Pinterest (more details about each below). If you just shoot a picture, make sure to explain in your text why you love the series and why you’re excited for PANDEMIC.

Twitter requirements:
• Tweet(s) must include the hash-tag #pandemic
• Tweet(s) must include Scott’s Twitter handle @scottsigler
• Tweet(s) must include the url:

Facebook requirements:
• Post(s) must include the hash-tag #pandemic
• Post(s) must include the url: (best to post this first before the Facebook Group page, below, so the URL properly populates for the book page).
• Post(s) must include Scott’s Facebook group page

Instagram requirements:
• Post(s) must include the hash-tag #pandemic and the hash-tag #books
• Post(s) must include Scott’s Instagram handle @scottsigler
• Post(s) must include the url:
• Instagram allows 16-second videos: use that!

Pinterest requirements:
• Post(s) must include the hash-tag #pandemic and the hash-tag #books
• Post(s) must include the url:
• Tell people to follow a brotha at

Impress us, sucka! I and my biz partner A Kovacs (ARealGirl herself) will pick our three favorites, based on your excitement, creativity and swagger. We want your friends to know how much you’ve enjoyed the INFECTED series.

I know I have the best fans in the world. Nay, the universe. Nay, in all of existence. Entertaining you is my life’s calling, so let the world (nay-universe-nay-existence) see your love for these books.

If you have them, email

Click here to download the video.

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