PANDEMIC Episode #8

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Two divers brought up the remnant from the Los Angeles. One, Cantrel, is not infected, while the other, Clark, just tested positive. They are in BSL4 containment aboar the Carl Brashears, where Tim Feely, Margaret Montoya and Clarence Otto are working to stop the disease’s spread. While Tim and Margaret analyze the black rot on the disease’s first two victims — Candice Walker and Crazy Charlie Petrovsky — Clarence must talk to Cantrel to find out what went wrong on that fateful dive.

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  1. KJM

    Scott, when did “Wicked” Charlie Petrovsky’s name change to Crazy Charlie Petrovsky? Was that intentional or did you forget he was called Wicked because of how he shreds on his vintage Kramer guitar. Now was it reversed headstock and did it have the tiger paint job like George Lynch’s Kramer/ESP guitar?

      1. KJM

        It’s in this Episode 8 outline above and also when you recite the episode introduction on this podcast, you also said it and didn’t catch the mistake. Now about that signed copy of Alone…. j/k

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