Book III in the INFECTED Trilogy

PANDEMIC Episode #42 Q & A Part 2

And here it is, the final PANDEMIC episode. It’s been a long time in coming, but we’ve finally wrapped up the INFECTED Trilogy!

The fiction ‘cast will be back next week as we start THE RIDER. Back to the Galactic Football League era, now with little people riding dinosaurs!

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  1. Mark Z

    One of the questions was about us the people of the GFL Era would know about the Ki involvement in the attacks. You brought up that they probably wouldn’t know anything about it. My theory is this: that history would know of some of it because of records on the internet (they do have one hell of a record of the NFL), specifics like that wouldn’t be known. I mean, any people that survived the gate experience were military, and all of that would have been covered up. The specifics of the virus (like where it came from) probably were as well. While I’m sure the history of the nuke dropped on Detroit could be found, the exact reasons probably wouldn’t be. Just my 2 cents.

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