PANDEMIC Episode #40

Fire Engine 98 has picked up the survivors of the Chicago Cataclysm, and is rumbling toward the extraction point. Helicopters are on the way to rescue Dr. Feely, Clarence Otto, Cooper Mitchell, Bosh, Klimas and Ramierez, but only if they can survive the final wave of the converted that are hot on their tail.

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  1. Adam Ledford

    I’ve been waiting for another Petra Easter egg. Did I miss it? Are you (Scott) going to write another story I the timeline to cover Petra’s story?

    And I have always enjoyed how you (Scott) are not afraid to kill off main and secondary characters in your series. I consider it very brave of to murder characters like Perry and Margaret (not to ignore those we lost from Earthcore and Ancester). Readers get extremely invested in these characters, but Scott says, “I’m done with that character, how can I kill them.” May we now have a moment of silence for those we’ve loved and lost.

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