Book III in the INFECTED Trilogy

PANDEMIC Episode #38

Paulius and Bosh are about to take a road trip to end all road trips, straight through the converted. Steve Stanton’s reaction to Paulius ripping through Chicago in a firetruck could determine the fate of the human race. Meanwhile, Tim Feely is guns-up for the first time in his life, a life that will soon end if he can’t shoot straight.

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  1. El Cas

    What would I do in that situation? I would probably go into my military mode/solo mode and pick off targets as needed and always would be on the move hiding. Only exposing myself when truly needed.

    I am a strategist not a tacticianist.

  2. Pia Skovrider Overgaard

    Hi Scott

    Feel free to trash my last post. I found the episodes on this site.

    Thanks for all your great work. I love your books.

    Looking forward to book three of alive series and book two in the earthcore series as podcasts.

    Sincerely Pia, Denmark

  3. Pia Skovrider Overgaard

    Hi Scott
    I was ready to start listening to the pandemic podcast.
    But for unknown reasons the first 2 episodes are not available via iTunes.

    Is there a link or something where I can get the start of the book?

    I’m an addicted fan of many of your books. 😍😍😍

    Sincerely Pia from Denmark

  4. Lucie Le Blanc

    To answer your question, I’d probably be a badass! I used to be a money carrier, so I got lots of training. I also have a well of aggressivity that would love to get out. Give me a gun and deserving targets! Heeehaaaaw! L’OLP

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