PANDEMIC Episode #27

Cooper and Sofia escaped the Trump Tower, only to find themselves on the abandoned winter streets of Chicago. With no help, no hope, and only five bullets in the one gun they have between them, Cooper will be faced with an impossible choice that will challenge his very humanity.

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  1. Urzombiefood

    She really gave him no choice! I think Cooper killing her was the more humane thing to do. She would have suffered a much worse fate at the hands of the infected. (They do like them fresh ya know!)

    Also Mr. Sigler you have officially earned my money! I’ve listened to your a few of your books for free…well because they were free dammit! Like you have said before if you prove that your body of work performs they will eventually buy. So I’m actually going to be living proof of that. When Alone comes out “you sir finally get my loot! ” Sorry it took so long brotha!

    Keep doing whatcha doing and I’ll keep reading!


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