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Also: Heartburn, evil pizza, a particular set of skills, the Wolf, in the closet, the ghost of tequila past, and knitting a cardigan.

Winston Wolfe

The Wolf

This is ARealGirl, and we’re back with another round with Evo Terra, founder of, and Sheila Dee, author of THE ROOKIE Curriculum Guide. They helped get another show pre-recorded so I’d have time to recover.

How’s my tonsillectomy recovery going? Well … slowly, I guess. Seems I’m doing fine, and I mostly feel okay. That is until I have to swallow. For any reason. That stinks all the stink. But otherwise, things are good. Today I even ate solid food for the first time since last Thursday!

This ‘cast is all about the Empty Set origin story — just how did Scott & A come to work together, anyway? And we throw in the Podiobooks origin story as well: you’ve used it, you know you have, so how did that come to be? It was, as I mentioned last week, awesome and fun to have “SheVo” at Empty Set for the weekend.

Big thanks for those who shared their irrational fears last week! It was super fun to look forward to, and I’m still as perplexed and fascinated as ever at how humans behave.

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